Jeremy Mcconnell Joins Amateur Football Team Since Jail

The 27-year-old hunk was fitted with an electronic tag – meaning he needs to come back to his home before a specific time else he’ll be captured – after he was discharged from jail not long after Christmas and, in spite of the fact that he’s endeavoring to recover his life on track and as of late joined to a football club in an offer to get fit, the device around his lower leg implies he needs to leave the instructional courses mid-route through.

A source told the MailOnline: “He’s an incredible chap and joined the group to get fit and attempt to turn his life around after jail. The main issue is he can’t get done with instructional meetings yet as he needs to return home before his time limitation begins. The chaps give him a touch of stick about it however he takes it in great spirits.”

Since his discharge, the previous ‘Big name Big Brother’ star has got his jail number inked on his leg to “fill in as an update” of his stunning conduct, which saw him attack his ex Stephanie Davis while she was holding their 11-month-old child Caben, to ensure he doesn’t come back to the life he was living before he was imprisoned.

A source said as of late: “Jeremy needed to get a tattoo of his jail number on his leg to fill in as an update.

“He is making a new beginning and won’t backpedal to the life he had some time recently. This tattoo is a perpetual indication of that and it implies a great deal to him.”

Jeremy was slapped with 200 hours of group benefit in August – barely passing up a great opportunity for jail – after he was discovered liable of ambushing Stephanie.

Be that as it may, he hit the features days after he began the unpaid work in Glasgow, Scotland, as he purportedly declined to scour off some spray painting as he trusted the splash painted divider was made by acclaimed craftsman Banksy.

He at that point flew off to Turkey without authorization – breaking the terms and states of his suspended sentence – to get a hair transplant and new teeth.

He showed up at Cardiff Magistrates Court toward the finish of November in regards to the rupture and was slapped with a 18-week jail sentence.

And also his group benefit, Jeremy was likewise requested to pay £1,000 in court costs, £1,000 in remuneration to Stephanie and a casualties extra charge of £115.

He’s likewise been advised to avoid Stephanie, 24, for a long time and any correspondence with respect to Caben must be done through social administrations.